Celebrity Style Crushes

For an ordinary girl like myself, I admire all those glamorous celebrity that I’ll probably never meet..I’m also crushin’ over their styles…..

I would love to be a stylist someday for any of them. Anywho, I have always adore and been HUGELY inspired by Lauren Conrad and Blake Lively’s style. They are both so gorgeous and trendy–they can pull off any look & style..What girl wouldn’t want LC’s or Blake’s style right…better yet– I wouldn’t  mind invading their closets for a day. =) I am my own inspiration  as well as these two ladies and I wear what I know looks good on my body but I ABSOLUTELY just LOVE the way LC and Blake play up their looks from head to toe!

I present to you a few photos of my favorite style from both ladies.

Lauren Conrad

 Blake Lively


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