Favorite Little Things

Favorite Little Things

I’ve always been so appreciative of all the little things in my life. When something big happens to me, I am even more appreciative of it. I can’t ask for a better family, group of friends or more than I already have. When I was growing up, I remember savoring every moment I had with my family and counting on them to always make me laugh and smile..But now being a young responsible adult,  I live miles and miles away from them all, so for now, here are the little things that brings a smile on my face daily.

#ONE: Olympics 2012- watching Michael Phelps win all his gold medals! AMAZING!!!

#TWO: Super cute pictures of my nephews sent to me in the middle of the day

#THREE: Purple chevron pillows to add a soft and unique touch to our bedroom

#FOUR: my NAKED2 and Benefit concealer given to me as gifts..LOVE IT!

#FIVE: Enjoying green tea every morning…

#SIX: FAVORITE MEMORY, GRADUATION DAY, my Mom & Dad congratulating me, made me so happy!!

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