Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Hi Everyone!!  I’ve had some people asked me what I eat and what kind of exercise routine I do at the gym daily, so I thought what a great post to do on my blog and share some of the things I do with you.

***** Now before we start, please keep in mind that I AM NOT A TRAINER OR A NUTRITIONIST/DIETITIAN. *****

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This is what I know to do for my body and for me. I love doing everything the natural way. I don’t believe in “DIET PILLS” at all nor do I believe in the juicing diet. I don’t think thats all that healthy for me and my body but if it works for you, then by all means, go for it. =)

At the gym, I always start with 25 minutes of cardio, running 5.5 speed for 10-15 mins, take a 2 min break and then do it again. I always do weights when I am there, no matter what, I have to incorporate weights. I like using the dumb bells for my arms and often I will hold a 20 pound weight out in front of my chest and left my legs up one side at a time to help tone my mid-section. I love using the leg machines to tone my legs and I will do 5 sets of 15. Everyday I like to take turns doing legs and arms,but no matter what I always do cardio every time I go.

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I enjoy working out and doing everything the natural way, that means no diet pills and just keeping it real by working out and eating the right stuff. I cook almost 80% of all my meals. Rarely do Lee and I go eat out, and even when we do, we end up choosing Chipotle or something light. I definitely have my cheat days but I still portion what I take in. I drink A LOT of water throughout the day.

As far as what I eat, I love eating chicken and beef meat, veggies, fruits and brown rice. In the mornings for breakfast, if I make scramble eggs, I always add spinach leaves and no salt. If there are fruits in the kitchen, I will grab whatever I have just so I have a fruit with my breakfast.

I stay away from fast food as much as possible and I try to avoid pasta unless it’s wheat pasta then I will portion myself. Lately, I have been pretty good at lowering my sodium intake. I know I sound like I eat SUPER healthy, but I think for the most part, I do intake a good amount of the good stuff versus the bad stuff. Every now and then, I’ll have cheat days which is ok, because your body needs some of that bad fat as well, just watch your portion intake.

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Anyways, this is just a quick summary of what I do and what works for me. I hope you enjoy your day and find this post somewhat useful.

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