Motherhood in Pink

Motherhood in Pink

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 { Shoes: lolashoetique , Dress: Forever 21 , Necklace: Francesca }

I’ve been really fortunate this time around with this second pregnancy. My morning sickness are a lot less than when I was pregnant with Quentin. (thankfully) I’ve seen to have gotten the whole pregnancy wardrobe tied down pretty well this second time as well. I’m more reserve and aware of what flatters my body and belly ( lol ) and what doesn’t. I think for me, I love it when I find something that can be worn again even after I have this baby. Clothes have gotten pretty expensive so when I find something I know I can wear again post-pregnancy, I am more intrigued to purchase it.

This dress is from Forever21 and it was on sale for only $9.00, so you know me, I had to scoop it up in a heart beat. =)

Anyways, I love taking pictures with Quentin, he just makes the photos even cuter than they already are. =) I still can’t believe I will be having a second baby in a matter of months. I hope I continue to have a healthy pregnancy as I am approaching 6 months. Until the next blog post, have a fab day guys!! xoxo

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