Motherhood + Changes

Motherhood + Changes

Hey everyone. I know I have been lagging so bad in blogging. I was just telling my husband the other day that the blogging world has changed so much since Instagram is such a big platform now. I mean I can post one thing on my IG and get so many views and engagement versus if I post on my website. So many viewers aren’t going to blog sites as much as they used to now. Everyone just wants to see “THE” photo/post quickly without having to go on a blog page.

I have been lingering back and forth if I should stop blogging and just post more on my IG. However, I come to the conclusion that on here, I can write more and express myself more with emotions and stories about my life. I love that some of you read my post and I appreciate all the love and time you put into reading my blogs or liking my post.


Today I wanted to talk about something so many friends and family always ask/compliment me on, which is, how do I manage taking my kids out in public by myself and do I like being a stay at home mom?

When I have to go out alone with my kids because my husband is busy working or away for work since he travels often, I literally brace myself. It’s no joke with two wild energetic toddlers. They are so happy when we are out exploring different places so they get extremely hyper. On a day where we are going to be out for half the day running errands or having a fun day,  I always make sure my kids have breakfast before we leave.  NOBODY wants to take a grumpy HANGRY toddler around town. lol

We are usually out the door by 10am and home by 2pm. Whether we are running errands or doing fun stuff, I always have a small pep talk with my kids at the first destination. I remind them to listen to me and be good to mommy. Most of the time my kids listen but Scarlett never fails to throw a tantrum once in awhile when we are out. Another thing I like to do is give them an incentive. If they are being good, they get to choose where we eat for lunch. Quentin is usually on top of this I am not opposed to electronics but I try to stay away from giving them iPads and iPhones if they don’t ask for it. I love taking them out to explore things/places so they see people and variety of things around us. Anyways, usually around 1:30pm-2pm Scarlett will start yawning and I know she will start to fall asleep soon which is about the time when we start heading home.

As far as being a stay at home mom ( SAHM), I want to be really honest with you and say that I never ever expected to be a SAHM. I was even stubborn about the thought of it.

I got my BA in Family Consumer Science with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. I was determine to be a working girl. It wasn’t until I gave birth to Quentin, our first born, that we saw how little attention we were giving Quentin with both of us working. After I worked for another 6 months, we made the decision that one of us need to be home with Quentin.  I loved every moment with him.
About a year after we were expecting another baby ( Scarlett ). We were filled with so much joy and felt so bless to have another baby in our home. Some day I plan to go back to work but for now, I know this is where I need to be, with my babies. They are so smart and have so much love in their hearts. I am so thankful for a wonderful and hardworking husband who is always hands on with our kids. Some days, you bet I am completely drained and need a break. I feel so lucky to have a good husband who understands that I need a break too. It’s so important that both of us have that understanding that we both need our me time to recharge so we can be active and present with the kids.

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I hope you guys enjoyed this post even though it’s just a small part of my life that I shared. Leave a comment below if you have any questions about me or my motherhood. Anyways, have a good day everyone.

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