Target Trips

Target Trips


Is it just a mom thing or do you feel like you’re here almost twice a week? ( GUILTY ) My kids love coming to Target with Lee and I even if its just for one thing. Although we do love taking them everywhere with us, Target seems to be the one place where my kids go crazy over. Not to mention we usually leave with more than what we came for. But isn’t that the case for everyone else who shops here. lol

When we go to Target or any other stores, we usually prep Quentin by letting him know we are not buying him toys or candy. That he has enough at home and there are kids who don’t have anything. We’re trying our best to make sure we don’t spoil our kids with a new toy every time we stop by Target. So far Quentin has been a really good sport about this. Although we definitely have some moments where he will cry and tell us ” I really need it bc I love it so much.” I’ll be honest, it is the cutest but also saddest thing. We end up saying no to him only because he truly does have a lot of toys at home. I can’t imagine always spoiling this kid. I am not judging other parents who buys a toy for their child every time, but I can say, this is what works for us. We don’t want our kids to grow up always thinking they will get everything they want if they react.

I can’t say much about little miss Scarlett since she’s still a toddler but I am hoping she will be like her brother and not throw tantrums. ( fingers cross! )

Anyways, I wanted to end this post by saying, you do what is best for you and your kids. Try not to judge another parent because lets be honest, we are all doing the best we can. One time I saw a mom having the hardest time with her three (THREE!) kids at Target and I thought, wow, how does she do it. I can barely manage my two kids some days. lol I felt her struggle.

Have a great day everyone and always be kind to others. xoxo

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