The Gettys Museum

IMG_4347Some things are just better seen in person than through a computer screen, for example, The Gettys Museum. When I first heard about this museum I didn’t think much of it until I searched for it online and saw the magnificent one of a kind art work and sculptures it has to offer. I just knew one day I had to come visit. Luckily we had that chance to drive down to L.A and take some hours to explore the beautiful Gettys Musuem.

IMG_4354I hope you enjoy the images in these pictures as much as we did seeing it in person. But don’t stop there,  if you have the chance, go to the museum and see it yourself.

Free entrance, all you pay for is parking. (only $15) Well worth your $15, plus you can bring food and drinks inside.

If you go on there website, you can also take advantage of going to both The Gettys Museum and The Gettys Villa for the price of one parking fee. “Pay Once, Park twice.”

Here is the link if some of you are interested.

Our next trip, The Gettys Villa!


{ F21 cargo green shorts, F21 studded collar top, Zara silver studd heels, Louis Vuitton bag }

IMG_4432IMG_4416IMG_4446IMG_4373{ outside garden }



 { The Cactus Field }


{ Above: the sculptures in this room was so extreme! }



{ Above & Below: Unfortunately the batteries to our camera was very low so we took these with our phones and we had to snap it quickly since no cameras were allowed. }

This was my FAVORITE room!!! Everything in French style is better. hehehe






Such a cool experince!!!!! Thank you for taking me!!!


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