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Happy Friday guys! What a long week it’s been for me. I wanted to share this lovely lady with all of you if you don’t know her already.

This is Paku Her and she has a blog title ” THE PAKU HER ” ( click title to go to her page ) . She’s a hard working mom who has her hands full but long days at the office is nothing this mama can’t handle. She gets to come home to her sweet husband and her adorable daughter, Brooklyn. If you’re not following her on instagram you have to go follow her. She posts the cutest pictures of her daughter.

Paku’s weekends are filled with fun trips to the local zoo or parks. However, it doesn’t matter what they are doing as long as they are together because family time is most important to her. On top of being a busy mom, this sweet lady is always dressed her best with comfort and style. I adore all her fashion post and am so excited to team up with her for this segment.

How has your style changed since becoming a mother?

My style is definitely a lot more eclectic now. After gaining my new mom bod (not necessarily a good thing), I tampered with a variety of styles to see where I fit. It turns out that as long as I felt good in it, this momma can rock any style. But for the most part, my style is casual.



What are the three things you love to wear in Fall season?

Knitted sweaters, cozy pajamas, and bold colors.

Is shopping different now that you’re a mom versus before mom-life?

Absolutely. My one year old daughter is the center of 98% of our shopping trips. I don’t think there’s ever a shopping trip that doesn’t end up with Brooklyn getting something. Many times, it’s clothes or shoes that my fashion obsessed self swears she needs.

What is your favorite transitional piece from Summer to Fall and why?

I love transitioning summer dresses into my fall wardrobe because I’m a hopeless romantic and there’s nothing more magical than wearing a summer dress in the pouring rain.

If you could trade wardrobes with any celebrity who would it be and why?

Does Blair Waldorf (from Gossip Girl) constitute as a celebrity? Her wardrobe is my fashion alter ego. It’s classy, glam, preppy and a touch of royalty.

Do you like to follow trends or stay away from them?

Yes and no. I gravitate more toward trends that are either freshly new in the high fashion world (I can’t possibly afford a $500 Alexander Wang t-shirt so I’ll create my own version of it because I know I won’t find similar versions at department stores until another two seasons. By the time smaller designers start selling their version of said t-shirt, I’m already over the trend.) Otherwise, I just wear whatever I’m feeling at the moment even if it’s no longer considered trendy socially. To me, it’s trendy as long as I say it is.

Is it hard to find a balance with your daughter and husband since you’re a working mom?

Absolutely. Division is hard enough as a math equation, bring it into everyday life and it’s a pretty hard problem to solve. Dividing myself into 3 parts (Business woman, Wife; Mother) is work, but I wouldn’t have any it any other way.

How do you find time and what are some of the things your little family likes to do?

Weeknights and weekends are devoted to family time. Some mother’s consider it working overtime, I consider it vacation. Spending time with your husband and children is a luxury that we can’t buy back as we age. As humans we regret too much of the things we should have, would have but didn’t do. Therefore, I try to make sure family time is something I don’t regret. As often as we can, we do the simplest things such as going to parks, zoos, mini getaways. It’s not so much where we’re going but more of just being together. My husband and I are constantly gushing over how much we adore watching Brooklyn learning and exploring her surroundings.


What are some of your favorite online websites and why?

I truly appreciate convenience, costumer care and affordability. Both Asos and Amazon have come through for me at one time or another. Asos carries an eclectic style of clothing from affordable brands to higher end ones. Anytime I need to get a last minute outfit, I always start with Asos. Amazon is my go to site for anything from books to electronics to baby products. And their same day shipping totally saves the day for last minute birthday gifts.

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